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London Calling Pasty Company

History of the Pasty

The pasty has been around as early as the 1300's though (co-owner) Neil's Mum said it was invented by her on his 13th birthday! The pasty became popular with working people in Cornwall during the 17th and 18th centuries. Tin miners and other workers loved its unique shape and hearty fillings, which created a complete meal that could be carried easily and eaten without silverware. The pasty's dense, folded pastry could stay warm for several hours and if it did get cold it could easily be warmed on a shovel over a candle.  The pasty included a crimp (rope like crust) that allowed the miners to hold their meal while eating. Legend has it that the crimp was thrown to the "knockers" or ghosts in the mine once the meal was complete. Many old photographs show that pasties were wrapped in bags made of paper or muslin. The Cornish Pasty is still a popular meal in England today and enjoyed by millions. London Calling Pasty Company is proud to offer you not only the traditional Cornish pasty but several other delicious flavors.