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Even if you're too full up for dessert, you definitely want to grab a tasty British pudding or imported sweet TO GO. For those intending to share a pudding with a friend, we will warn you that you may end up fighting over the bowl. 




Banoffee Pie


An English favourite! Graham cracker and butter crust filled with caramel, fresh bananas and whipped cream. Get one for $2.99 or 2 for $5. 

Fried Mini Seasonal Fruit Pasties


Pumpkin, Apple, Raspberry, Peach...and more. To find out what the fried mini pasty of the month check out our Facebook page or call one of our locations. $2.99 or 2 for $5.

Sticky Toffee Pudding


Scrumptious moist cake made with fresh dates, espresso and vanilla in a buttery toffee sauce!

Molten Chocolate Fudge Cake


Gooey, tender cake with a warm fudgy chocolate sauce made with lots of dark chocolate

Tart Lemon Pudding0


Light and moist all butter sponge topped with a tart home-made lemon curd sauce!

Jelly Babies


Candy babies made of jelly. Dr Who would approve!

Jaffa Cakes


A biscuit-sized cake with a genoise sponge base, a layer of orange flavored jelly and a coating of chocolate

Jammie Dodgers


Shortbread biscuit with a raspberry flavoured jam filling.

English Sweets (Candy)


A selection of Imported English chocolate bars such as Cadburys, Nestle, Rowntree

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